1874 E 43rd St Los Angeles CA 90058 

                                     SERVICES WE PROVIDE

We value our customers brake down time and we know how important it is to get your scheduled deliveries or services on time.          
On-Site fleet service - Fully equipped service trucks for Inspections, oil change, and PM fallow ups.. 
24 Hr Road Service - Fully equipped service trucks for emergency brake downs.  Our goal is to put your vehicle back on road and eliminate down time and worry. Most necessary parts carried in our service trucks to put your fleet back on road. 

One of the services that we offer that may be of assistance to your business is the scheduling of vehicle services.  Our office personnel will obtain the list of all fleet vehicles and mileages then use this information to maintain a schedule of your vehicle service needs.  Notification of services such as oil and filter changes, Preventive Maintenance Inspections can be handled via phone call, fax or email.  In addition, we will also maintain a complete file on each vehicle, enabling us to have an individual maintenance, and history for your entire fleet.  We know through experience that proper maintenance of your vehicles can defray much of the cost of major repairs.

Engines                           A/C Repair

Transmissions                 RV Repair & Service

Brakes                             Trailer Repair

Oil Changes                     Body Work  

Clutch Jobs                     Hydraulic Service

Rear Ends                      Bus Repair & Service   

Drive Lines                     Tire Sales & Service

PTO Repairs                  7/24 Road Service
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